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How to Clean Bones

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Want to clean animal bones so you can display them or use them for arts and crafts projects?

This guide covers all the basics you need to know in order to clean and whiten bones, including:

  • Ways to get tissue off of bones
  • How to whiten bones
  • Removing yellow spots and degreasing
  • Horns and antlers
  • Beaks, nails, and turtles
  • Gluing bones together
  • Coatings for finished bones
  • Expert tips and hacks
  • And more

The book is written with amateurs in mind, so you won't have to worry about getting any special tools or expensive supplies. Even though it's made for amateurs, there are plenty of expert tips that will save you a lot of struggle and hassle when working on your bones. 

There are also tons of photos throughout the book so you can see for yourself how it is done and what results to expect.  

There's plenty more in the book.  All of the info is clear and easy to follow so you will have no confusion in how to clean your animal bones!

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How to Clean Bones

10 ratings
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